Programs & Events

As you may have read on Our Story page and gathered as you've visited MJ herself, it's all about The Experience. From our Victorian Era garb, to the instrumental music on the radio, to the antique furniture and glassware showcasing the goodies, we make it a point to be more than a store. And, if you weren't aware, MJ has various programs and events throughout the year to experience too. We created these programs and events to maintain the experience throughout the community for all.

MJ's Rocks Hunt. We sponsor the MJ's Rocks Hunt beginning July 1st and through the 3rd Sunday of July. We put out about 700 painted rocks each year, and re-hide each day so there is always a chance to find our rock friends. Return the rocks to the store. Each rock, no matter what size, receives one ticket in the drawing to win our unique prize. For returning rocks with other merchant's names, you also get rewarded with the unique prize from each business. For merchants wanting to participate, simply donate or drop-off your prize at MJ's and we'll handle getting your rock hidden for you. All ages and families, friends are welcome!

"Always On Point" Program. We work with our local Culver Community school system for grades six through twelve for perfect attendance rewards. Each perfect attendance is put in a drawing and each grade has one winner for the year. For Staying On Point in school, each winner receives a $25 gift card to be redeemed in the Shoppe or Boutique.

You've always got it together, don't you? ;) 

Living Nativity. Thanks to Wesley United Methodist in Culver, we are able to Co-Sponsor the Living Nativity each year. In year's past, we have been able to have a variety of animals for petting and viewing, volunteers for each character including Joseph, Mary, Three Wise men/kings, shepherds, townspeople, angels and live singing. We have also been blessed to have the Story of Saint Nicholas told live within the church and free hot cocoa served for those chilly evenings. 

Lick The Beater. Remember sitting behind grandma's legs waiting for her to be done whipping up the frosting or cookie dough batter? Well, MJ remembers and loves surprising little ones with their very own (individual) beater to lick and keep of that day's frosting or sweet. It's all just a matter of luck and timing for this one.

Halloween Skeleton Hunt. We sponsor the Skeleton hunt during Culver's Trick or Treating event. Participating merchants' skeletons have been LOST all around town. The dead are on the run for Halloween. If you find one of the skeletons around town, return to the merchant written on each. For returning their remains, you get rewarded with the unique prize from each business. Wonder what you'll get for finding and being kind enough to return their skeleton friend. For merchants wanting to participate, simply pick up a skeleton to decorate before the hunt.

"A" Rockstar Program. We work with local school systems for grades K through Fifth for Straight "A"s rewards. Let us know if you have straight "A"s for the semester by bringing in your report card and get some treats for Being A Rockstar in school. You're just simply amazing, aren't you? ;) 

Letters To Santa. Simply drop off your addressed letter to Santa at the store's two mail drop-offs. One inside the door of the Shoppe and the other inside at the shoppe counter. A very kind Elf will make sure Santa gets your letter. And Santa will even write back during this busy time - so make sure you write your address really well! 

MJ's Coins Incentive Program. Need some extra incentive for your littles to finish chores? Or maybe you want to reward the grandkids for helping in the yard. Whatever the case, you can purchase MJ's coins in store to be redeemed for actual sweets! Similar to a gift card, but each coin has their own dollar amount. So, you can also use the incentives as a money lesson while they shop in store for any items in our Candy Boutique. Just ask about MJ's coins next time you visit for more info.

Participating Events & Memberships

- Cupid's Crawl            - Culver Chamber

- Culver Lakefest            - Plymouth Chamber

- Culver Fall Fest            - Starke County Chamber

- Holiday Hop