Our Story

Hi! I'm MJ. I'm the very proud owner of MJ's Sweet Tooth Candy Boutique & Dessert Shoppe. My store is located in the beautiful, and quaint town of Culver, Indiana. I am beyond blessed to call this lovely area my hometown and be able to share my business with this community. But, my story didn't start here. A lot of what is today is thanks to my Dad and his stock of goodies around the house.

This is my dad, Joe. Or, as my kids and grandkids know him - Papa Joe.

I fondly remember the stash of goodies and all sorts of candies he had at the house in a particular cabinet.

As I grew and had children of my own, they also were introduced to the "candy cabinet". They thoroughly enjoyed being told they can pick one piece of candy at the end of our visit.

I also enjoyed baking and quickly had a passion for baking all sorts of desserts and pastries.

My Grandma Grieger was a fantastic baker and much of my passion and "feel" for baking stems from memories with her in the kitchen.

papa 2.jpg

I LOVED seeing the excitement on their faces and have always wanted to bring that joy to the children in my community. I decided to create MJ's Sweet Tooth (the Candy Bouquet business) in Plymouth. I saw candy bouquets being sold online and thought, "I can do that. Maybe even better! And less expensive." I quickly created a name for myself while selling out of a local business and traveling to shows. It was a fun time of my life. But, something was missing. I needed a little more than my lovely cart my son kindly built for me.


After some time, I was looking for another opportunity to sell my bouquets at a separate business. I came across an opportunity and thought.."can I do this on my own? Can I open my own business?" It was scary and intimidating at first. But, my family pushed me to be confident and go for it. I'm reminded of one of my daughter's favorite quotes. But, what if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? And, how things have flown! Thanks to such a neighborly community, we have thoroughly enjoyed bringing MJ's Sweet Tooth Candy Boutique to families in the Culver and surrounding areas.


In 2020, we decided to expand even further.

We opened the second half of our business. MJ's Sweet Tooth Dessert Shoppe. My true passion of baking was becoming a reality. I couldn't believe it. Hearing the feedback from our wonderful customers from day to day and the smiles on the kids (and adult) faces during our special events throughout the year has made my family, my staff, and myself feel beyond blessed to be enjoying this experience. My stores are now the "Candy Cabinet" and "Grandma's Kitchen" of the town and I absolutely love sharing the joy on a larger scale. Come pick out a treat for yourself!